General Questions

1Accommodation: Do you provide accommodation?

No. Our students are all adults so they provide their own accommodation. Penang is a tourist island and there are many places to stay all year and even very close to our Language Centre.

Our students have different budgets and expectations. We think the Penang tourism site is excellent for finding the right place for your needs.

2Student Visa: Can you get me a student visa?

No, Sorry. Our students provide their own visas so we recommend that you check the amount of days that people from your country are allowed into Malaysia. Our students are from many different countries and many different situations. You must follow the rules while in Malaysia.

This link is for any country to any country and the tourist visa rules.

3Teachers: Who will be my teachers?

Our teachers are from overseas, such as Canada, America, Europe, etc. All our teachers are specially trained in the myTESOL teaching methods to help you learn English fast and in an enjoyable way.

4About our Students: Who will be in my class?

That is the best thing about myTESOL! Every day, every week, there are new students and they come from over 28 different countries! Students at myTESOL will be from age 18-age 76 , male and female and all different language and country backgrounds. It is an exciting place to study! Our students are often travelling so they come and go. They are here in Malaysia to have fun, tour, play golf, eat great food and then they leave. But then there are more people that arrive from any country in the world! Find us on Facebook for photos of some of our students during their activities and study time at myTESOL.

5Class Size: How many people in my class?

Any size from 2-12 people. We like small class sizes to make your learning experience more personal.

6Transportation: How do I get there?

Penang is an island so everyone gets here by airplane or car across our giant bridges. When you are on Penang Island you can get to myTESOL easily. There is a main road right by our Language Centre, and a parking lot available. You can take taxi, bus, or drive. It’s possible to walk but it will be hot or wet!

7English Courses Available: What kind of English course is best for me?

We have English classes, both group and private, and we also have courses in how to teach English (TESOL).

  • English Conversation Class Weekdays: We have daily morning English Conversation Classes Monday to Thursdays 9am-12Noon. Choose any or all of those days to study. English is always waiting for you. You can start any day and finish any day. Prices are on the individual course pages. The prices start at RM 76 per session.
  • Private classes (1 teacher 1 student): Weekends and Weekday Afternoons: Private classes are for Business English, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC or students who want more study than the morning class provides. This is a custom made syllabus with our highly trained teachers in the comfort of our language centre. Private Class information is here.

TESOL- Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

This is for those that want to become English teachers. There are 3 courses available at all times. To find out which one is best for you please read more on our TESOL FAQ page.

8Payment: How do I pay for my course?

Payments at myTESOL can be made by CASH or CHEQUE or BANK-IN

  • CASH- we accept only Ringgit Malaysia
  • Cheque- A local cheque

Make out to:

  • Pusat Bahasa Sinar Global Sdn. Bhd.


9Text Books: What books do I need?

We use books for only half of our lessons as we teach a conversational style of learning so no books are necessary for the other half.

Books we do use:

  • Oxford- New Head Way
  • etc etc etc.

10Location: Where is myTESOL Language Centre?

98-1-25 Prima Tanjung Business Centre,
Jalan Fettes, Tanjung Tokong
11200 Penang, Malaysia
Ph: 013.470.1402

We are on the beautiful tourist island of Penang Malaysia in an area called Tanjung Tokong just north of Georgetown and the popular shopping area of Gurney. Our building is called Prima Tanjung Business Centre and we are on the 1st floor (1 set of stairs up) above 7-Eleven and Dr. Tengs clinic. Our logo is a big green apple.

Please note our visiting hours are only mornings only, 9:00 am -12 Noon Monday to Thursday.

Learn English FAQ

1Duration: How long is the course?

Our Communicative English courses are as long as you wish or need. You pay for as many English classes as you need. We have three to four levels of English available at all times.

You can study for 1 day.

You can study for 4 weeks- 8 weeks- 12 weeks, etc. Its up to you and your visa situation, time constraints, budget and English requirements.

2Price: How much is the Course?
Morning English Program

Group classes are 3 hours per day;
9:00am-12:00 noon
> Monday
> Tuesday
> Wednesday
> Thursday
Buy as many classes as you like.
The more you buy the lower the price.

Read more on myTESOL Morning English Program.

Private English Classes

Private Classes (1-to-1) are usually booked for 1.5 hours per session.

Read more on myTESOL Private Classes.

Corporate Training

How can we have your company teach our members? We have a team of trainers that can serve the English needs of your company. We teach 1 on 1 private lessons at our centre.

Read more on myTESOL Corporate Training.

We can teach regular classes at your location. We can arrange any size group. Contact Mr. Robert at 013 439 7475 or email for a proposal.

3Certificate: Can I get a certificate at the end of my study time?

Yes you can! Tell us just before you are finishing your course that you would like a certificate and one will be issued to you free of charge for the hours and at what level you studied.

4English Skills Learned: What will I learn when I am at myTESOL?

You will have a 3 hour English Immersion experience with teachers using the communicative and other modern methods of teaching. We are experts in helping people ‘speak’.

You will learn mostly speaking, and listening but of course every day we will discuss some grammar, pronunciation and help increase your vocabulary.

5Type of English: Will I learn British or American English?

Both but better! We will teach you the most modern ‘International English’ which helps you be clearly understood and have a lovely accent and clear ways of speaking and writing.

Teach English FAQ

1Is it recognized?

Yes! All over the world! Because you will learn the most modern methods of teaching English you can get a job in most countries! How about Australia, Germany, Japan, or South Korea? These are just a few of the 28 different countries that our teachers have had their myTESOL certificates recognized in.

This particular TESOL Course Certificate was authored in Canada. It is also Malaysia Ministry of Education approved.

2Is it accredited?

Yes! We are accredited. By the hours of the TESOL which are 180 Notional hours plus the availability of a supervised practicum. We train myTESOL students how to teach using the most modern methods of teaching. You will be learning from Certified instructors and this is much better than any online course you may take.

Here are the accrediting and educational agencies for our program, directors and authors:

TESOL Asia, Canadian Educators, Malaysia Ministry of Education, TESOL Canada, University of Saskatchewan, University of Malaysia Perlis, Simon Fraser University, TOEFL and TOEIC, IELTS, British Council.

3What qualifications or education do I need to start a TESOL course?

I am not a Malaysian. Then you must be over the age of 18, finished high school if your English is fluent or near fluent you can take the shortest 6 week course called CAP (Certificate Apprenticeship Program).

If you need more English assistance, then you can join the 3-IN-1 program for Intermediate level students and take your TESOL course at the same time!

I am a Malaysian.If you work then the Flexi TESOL Course is for you. Requirements are a minimum SPM and a brief interview process upon registering to determine the amount of English assistance you may need.

For the CAP TESOL course: Fluent or near fluent levels of English, taken any type of degree in the medium of English.

4Intake times: When can I begin?

Anytime! Our students are all like you, with busy schedules and some travelling to come to myTESOL. Let us know you are coming and you can begin your TESOL immediately. We have a roll in roll out system of training. Pick a date, Register, Start, Complete.

5Where can I teach English after the course?

Our TESOL graduates work in over 27 different countries teaching English and have great adventures. But maybe you want to know about Penang and Malaysia opportunities also? Most of the private colleges in Penang have myTESOL alumni on their staff. You can work at tuition centres, and any private education facility . Those that hire you will love to see the myTESOL certificate and they combine that with your past education and experience to find you a great job!

6What type of course is best for me?

The two things you need to know: When am I available, and what the level of my English proficiency is. Once you know these two things you can choose the TESOL course that is right for you.

Here are some examples of students and their choices:

  • I am near fluent in English and available weekdays: Then the Certificate Apprenticeship Program is your best bet. You will love it! Fast-Intense- and lots of exposure to Language students.
  • My English is pretty good but I struggle sometimes, I am available weekdays: The 3-In-1 10 week course is best for you. English assistance, TESOL Assistance , to obtain the TESOL Certificate. This course is super fun! A boost for your English level and then TESOL training side by side. A slow paced TESOL homework load to give you time to learn English too.
  • I am busy and work weekdays, but my English is pretty good: Then the Flexi TESOL is best for you. Over 5 months and meet with a trainer twice a month approximately to accomplish your TESOL dreams. You can speed things along if you can find an afternoon every now and then to meet with your Trainer. Fabulous for a busy Malaysia, as you can come and go as your schedule allows and you can pay half of your course in instalments! Tuition teachers should all take this course.
  • My English is not too bad, but I make some mistakes and I am available on the weekends only: The Flexi TESOL is best for you. 5 months of meeting approximately 2 times a month for help in English and tutorials for your TESOL. An English boost along side your TESOL training will make this course very valuable for you. Tuition teachers should all take this course.

7How much homework will I have in the TESOL course?

Depends on which course and how intensive it is! The shorter the course the more intensive the home work. All the courses require the same amount of work in the end.

  • 6 Week CAP: Daily homework and weekends. It’s intensive! Be ready for a little bit of stress!
  • 3-IN-1: Assignments are weekly and you will be studying your English as well. Be prepared for daily revision and work over 10 weeks.
  • Flexi TESOL: Home work will be spread out but you have to get it done before you come see the trainer. Sometimes you have to redo things which create a bit more work. But this course is a lighter schedule as it is spread over many months. Usually about 5 months.

8What are the exams like?

Actually you have 10 Assessments in all and more if you take the supervised practicum.

We use a western model of education which means that we grade you all along. You have many assessments which are quizzes, homework, assignments and you are also graded on your professionalism during the course. This all comes together to see if you pass or fail.

Price for all assessments are included in the course fees unless you need a re-take.

9Is there a chance I will fail?

We have complete and not complete for our TESOL course. Chances are that you will be successful and complete it all. It’s our job to help you over the tough spots in the course. If you get less than the required 70% on any assessment then you can pay a small amount of money to have the assessment repeated till you get it right!

Our goal is to make you successful. As long as you do all the work required and do it with the goal to succeed then you should be fine! In nearly 10 years of hundreds of students going through the TESOL course at myTESOL only 5 have not met the requirements yet. They can always come back and complete it though.

10I am not a native speaker, is my English high enough for TESOL?

Probably, but ask yourself these questions. Have I passed SPM? Did I take a diploma in any discipline but in the medium of English? Do I like English? Have I taken MUET or IELTS or TOEIC or TOEFL?

We will ask you these questions when you register. If we are still not sure about your level of English then we will have you do an English writing and speaking assessment first to confirm your level of English before starting. We want you to be successful so we will make sure you are right for the course.

11 Will other countries accept the myTESOL International Certificate?

Yes! Our graduates are teaching English with their myTESOL certificate in over 28 countries. Every country and every organization has its requirement for who they will hire. Anywhere you wish to teach if you have the met the employers’ requirements then your myTESOL Certificate can open that door for you!

12 What about Workshops and Private groups? Contact us for a quote!

If your Tuition Centre/College/Language Centre/University needs some teacher upgrading then you have come to the right place.

Here are some examples of workshop types:

Tuition Centre: Stepped work shops to increase the teaching skills and English skills of the workers. At your school or at ours.

College University: A University hired us to upgrade the speaking and Teaching skills of their lecturers and professors. We taught them how to use lesson plans, how to articulate and be creative in their lessons. Their students loved the myTESOL trained lecturers!

Church groups wanting to go abroad for short mission trips and teach English: For this sort of group we do short work shops and help people learn to teach using games and fun. The work shops can be as short or as long as the budge requires. Can be held on sight.

Community: A city about 2 hours from Penang had requested we put on a TESOL to serve their community. We can send a team of trainers on the weekends to help those who want to get qualified in TESOL. We also help upgrade and top – up their English.

Corporate FAQ

1Can I get a quote for my Company?

Yes we are happy to help you with that. We need to know a few things first:

  • How many Employees?
  • How long did you want the training to be? Do you prefer a work shop or a regular course?
  • What are the levels of English of those you wish to take the course?
  • What location? Do we provide the location or do you?

2Types of Training: What sort of courses do you have?

We have many types of courses that we run at myTESOL and we also can custom make courses for your company.

  • One on One with an employee
  • Regularly scheduled classes at your work place
  • Regularly scheduled classes at our school
  • 1 time work shops for half day, full day or weekend

3Trainers: Who will teach our employees?

Our myTESOL qualified trainers are at your disposal. They are from many different countries and deliver courses custom made for your needs.

Here are the bios of our Trainers: (Bio Link)

  • Robert
  • Angel
  • Tana
  • Aaron

These are just a few of the people that can be your English language trainers.

4Private Class: Can I learn just with myself and a teacher?

Yes! We specialize in helping business people succeed in their career goals in regards to English. Our students receive private and custom lessons from our certified business English trainers.

Contact Mr. Robert by email or phone to find out how you or your employee can start a myTESOL private class.

5What companies do we serve?

Information coming soon.